In April of 2022, I quit my job as a staff photographer for a Mississippi newspaper to document the personal stories of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion. Each person featured was interviewed at length for vignette feature stories that were published on my newsletter, The Smoke Eater, and Patreon.

This  project has been funded independently with the generous help of friends, fans, colleagues and perfect strangers all over the world.

This project is on-going.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to photograph politicians at the local and national level. This project highlights some of those public servants, regardless of political affiliation, during campaign events and official business. This gallery showcases current and former officials, including presidents, vice-presidents, members of the US Congress, state governors and city mayors.

This project is on-going.

Protests are often considered the sign of a healthy democracy crying out for change and I've been privileged to have had the chance to document many of these struggles. Both peaceful and violent, these photos show the struggles for human rights of oppressed peoples all over the world, as well as the violent response of law enforcement officials.

These images document scenes some may find offensive and traumatic.

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