• Photo by Arron Cynic, 2018

    Photo by Arron Cynic, 2018

  • Photo by Nima Taradji, 2020

    Photo by Nima Taradji, 2020

Dominic Gwinn is a photojournalist

His multimedia works have covered local news, community activism, urban conflict, gun violence, human rights, U.S. and international politics, military and veterans affairs, and technology.

Dominic's work has appeared in The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting Service, The Guardian, The Washington Examiner, USA Today, The Clarion-Ledger, The Tennessean, The Tampa Bay Times, The Hattiesburg American, The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Public Radio, Block Club Chicago, Mother Jones, Europa Press, Deutsche Weld, Czech News Agency, Cits Medijs, The Baltic News Network, and more.

His project on survivors of gun violence, "Life After the Bullet," was featured in the Chicago Public Radio series, “Every Other Hour.” In 2021, his reportage on urban conflict and civil rights was featured in the documentary, "Life In A Day 2020."

As a freelance photojournalist, Dominic works for international photo newswires, and media outlets all over the world. He writes photo essays for dedicated fans on Patreon, and a Substack newsletter on foreign policy called, "The Smoke Eater."

Dominic has a BA in journalism from Roosevelt University. In a past life, he wrote political satire for Wonkette, and worked as a bouncer at dive bars in Chicago.

Spam, hate mail, and job opportunities should be emailed.

Social Media: @DominicGwinn
Email: DominicGwinn (at) proton (dot) me

  • Photo by Linda Tirado, 2019

    Photo by Linda Tirado, 2019

  • Photo by Rick Majewski, 2020

    Photo by Rick Majewski, 2020

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